Business expansion

Your Key to Romania: 20 Years of Empowering Investments, Legal Success, and Market Growth.

What experience do we have ?

In law 

Myself i was starting my first business in 2002. As a startup founder several times in different fields of businesses i saw the struggle and difficulties when trying to reach a new market. 

I drive my team by example to fulfill each objective having the values that are most precious to us :  integrity, respect and written work procedures. 

Before founding the only real estate transactions law office in Romania, I myself worked in one of the top 3 law firms in Romania as a partner, having the role to develop the business and expand. Since 2019 i am an associate in Romania for Judicare Law International solicitors, a UK-based solicitor firm that handles a wide range of international property-based issues throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Curently our niche business and real estate law firm has more than 500 clients every year. We reviewed thpusands of business and real estate contracts, from distribution contracts to aquisition of businesses or auction procedure forms.We are highly prepared in all types of business contracts related to Romanian business market.

Businesses that i expanded at national level

As a startup founder of trading companies i was building with my team national level networks of distribution for consumer goods since 2003. We worked with METRO AG network of cash and carry stores and chains of producers in order to distribute their goods to mass markets.

In 2007 i founded Votecom, a telecom company that provided international calls at discounted prices. We built a national level network of distribution for prepaid calling cards. 

In saw also the real estate transactions as a Owner of a Re/Max International franchise managing more than 25 agents being in the first 5 franchises that started RE/MAX Romanian journey, being a certified trainer for real estate agents.  I remained connected with real estate transactions and have a national network of agents that can spot opportunities.

I have worked with investors providing them opportunities to double their wealth as my strategy also is to negotiate the best prices and to find deals under market value. One of the most outstanding accomplishments is related to the most known and expensive commercial high street in Bucharest, Calea Victoriei. We bought a propertty at a discounted price in 2020 that now has tripled the value, from 2 million euros to 6 millions estimated by official appraisers.

Being a business person i am also always interested to give back and be involved in the community. 

Besides that i saw also the administrative hurdles and bureaucracy from Romanian administrative system as a county councilow and leader of a 800 employee company running the utilities in the city of Ploiesti, one of the biggest industrial cities in Romania. 

As an active member of a 80000 inhabitants area of Ploiesti, i learned to fight for my citizens when i was elected in the Chamber of Deputies parliament of Romania as their representative, by direct vote of citizens. 

Learning from the experience in Parliament of Romania as a vice chair of Anti Cooruption Committee and Committee for Legal Matters, Discipline was a big asset for future initiatives that i support changing the business environment in Romania. The laws related to real estate agents licensing law and reglementation of real estat developers where initiated with the sole reason to protect the citizens against illegal practices.

As a member of AIPP and ABA i am continuosly in contact with the latest developments in law and real estate at an international level. 

Judicare Law International solicitors, a UK-based solicitor firm that handles a wide range of international property-based issues throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Paul Dumbravanu Law Firm is also a member of AIPP  the trade body for professionals around the world dealing with buyers of a foreign property.

In Relocations

With a national level network of b2b contacts and legal experts, we provide

We have been providing services for small,medium and big companies such as PGL Esports, Wingsrom, Xella, Viilar, Lumilex, Kudu,Epstein Global,John Crane,Kraftlangen,Weatherford, ADEL,Engeco,Kremsmueller,Procter & Gamble to name a few.

Tools we use

Automation tools

Social Listening Tools

Market analytics

News analytics at local and national level

Legal Software for latest news and background checks

B2B databases of local and national businesses


How are we organizing our business ?

Firstly, I implemented a cooperative and . No idea is my idea because I said that. As long as the procedures are respected in the way that both of us you-the client and us your team are part of the same goal, we should respect each other and find solutions to fit in the same project team.
My team is highly motivated by procedures and respect for time. THat is why we are trying to have for each step in the process a well documented and written procedure of working. For us there is no other better way than to have the written procedure before any action. We act as mandates form the client not doing things without explaining first. We care about the results not just to make the bill for the client.
We do believe that as members of your team we need the antreprenorial thinking to understand that objectives are not tasks and money are not fees. We are indeed interested in results that matter because we do not see a relationship as a one stop shop.W e want ot be part of your team for long term commitment.

How can we guarantee that ? 

We are data based. Each and every decision is documented and based on facts. Law, business and real estate make the best team with data analytics. Data is a cold but precise measure each time for us and our team.
In data analytics we have been analyzing data since 2002 for our partners and businesses
We do not see ourself as consultants or providers of services. We are always part of the team in the client project. We put our policy as client centric because all of our team members adhere by personality to high human standards. For us the most important value is human to human.

How are we different ?

We search and find the truth about the market and submarket. We do not sell market reports. We craft market reports based on your worries,objections and real world data. Real Data is not in statistics. Real data is about knowing inside information that can do damage for your company. We get data directly from authorities and in an official mode as being prepared for over 20 years of fighting for information rights in Romania. Usually the public data is hidden or now published.We transform hidden data into valuable data for your decision making process. When we deliver data this is triple checked: legal team, data analytics, ground data from people in the comuunities. 

We use AI to listen to what people are saying about their communities. We do not believe that marketing materials are a good fit for wise decisions.